Just you hold your horses……

There is stuff coming, just give me a chance to harness the maelstrom of ideas that is my mind. Anything you would like sooner rather than later, let me know!!

Upcoming posts (soon):

  • My story Part 1: Where is hell is Wudinna, and why am I here?
  • My story Part 2: What is it to be a rural doctor?
  • Medical students…. why?!  Small rural as a training opportunity.
  • The biggest lie in rural medicine…. “Your town is too small to support two doctors!”

Upcoming features (not so soon):

  • When I go on holiday, my patients die – Dependence and counter-dependence in Rural Doctors and their patients.
  • A culture of negativity – The image, promotion and paralysis of Rural Medicine.
  • Systemic failures in Australian-trained GP recruitment. Why are the needs and desires of our next generation being ignored?

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